Energy Readings & Healing Circles (FREE)


 Join Intuitive Coach Shara Ogin for a live energy healing to elevate your consciousness and help create a new reality! You will feel relaxed, empowered and strong after the healing.

Shara will be providing both group + 1:1 channeled healings so come prepared with a question or topic you would like spiritual guidance and healing around!

 These are also called Synchronicity Circles as you may be amazed by some of the similarities you will have with others in the group.

What this means is that as Shara provides healing and information for one person, most likely the information will pertain to you as well! So my intention is for everyone to receive healing throughout this intimate call!  



Dec 7th - Register HERE.

Jan 4th - Register HERE.

Feb 1st - Register HERE.


Cost = Free or $25 if you want to ensure you'll receive a reading on this call. 
Please Venmo payment to shara-ogin (last 4 digits ph# 3216) or click the links above to register! 


In order to safe port you, the next circle will also be a YouTube Live! I will begin by calling on people who have their video screens showing. If this is something you feel uncomfortable with no worries at all! Simply watch it via YouTube HERE! 


 See a demo of a past session (with attendee's permission to post this).


Typical Structure of the call:

4:-4:05 PST – Introductions
4:05-4:15 - Channeled meditation
4:15-4:45 – Shara will spend approximately 5-10 minutes per person so please have your question or issues ready! 
4:45-5:00 – Closure


If you feel uncomfortable about receiving the information in a small group setting, set up a private 1:1 session with me HERE or we can set up a private reading group for you and your friends!


About Shara:
Shara has a unique ability to read each person one by one and get the essential information that is needed at this current time. She can see into one's subconscious and does an amazing job at putting a positive twist on all that she sees. 

*Gain the information and healing you are needing at this time.