Releasing The Fears
And Barriers In The Way.

Group Coaching   Program

Become your Highest and Best Self NOW!

If you have ever wanted to unlock your next level purpose, to feel fired up, laser focused,
liberated from self sabotage, and shame, so you can get back to the essential work
you were put onto this planet to do, then this program is for you!


“My mission is to help you to come into full alignment with every aspect
of who you are. So you can soar through life with ease, grace & love.”

The Program is a combination of the Spiritual and the Practical.

What are the benefits of this 5 month program?

Heal the traumas of childhood lodged deep inside our cells.

Get clarity on your hidden gifts and talents which fuel your life's purpose and create meaningful change in the world.

Heal the wounds of your family system that you are still carrying to this day.

Create prosperity from your heart -instead of your mind-, feel spaciousness & freedom from the inside!

Gain a deep sense of unconditional love, respect, and acceptance of yourself. Then radiate it outwards towards others around you.

Achieve high levels of resilience joy, happiness, inner peace-regardless of your outer circumstances.

Learn how to connect in with the wisdoms of your body and become your own best healer.

This course is for Women who are...

Feeling unfulfilled in their careers &/or not being compensated well enough

Wanting to advance their spirituality and understanding of thyself

Wanting clarity & support to get to the next level of their lives

What to expect when you get to the other side...

Heal physical ailments, clear yourself from the root of whatever is causing them. Learn how to communicate with your body so you can learn what your body wants to tell you through your symptoms and how to give it what it needs.

Improved relationship with your family and other relationships in your life

More career & personal satisfaction

More resiliency with whatever life throws your way

The course will consist of

9 live 90 min zoom coaching calls.

One journaling and introspective homework assignment per wk, specific to the curriculum. Each week will build upon the next. I will assist you with these assignments as needed.

An interactive Facebook group where you can share comments, experiences & have all of your questions answered by me. Homework assignments can also be posted here and I respond to all!

An online folder with all of our assignments, curriculum, videos to watch on your own time, and more!

1 45 Min Psychic 1:1 energy check/healing + additional healings at a significantly discounted rate.  Receive an additional bonus reading if you sign up early bird, 30 days in advance to start of program.

In addition, you will receive a copy of my latest book, Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom, Accessing your Healing Power from Within!



We will meet three times/month via zoom for 90-100 min sessions.

My hope is that you break through limiting beliefs, and cyclical patterns, such as the types of partners you attract, patterns with co-workers, or unhealthy habits within side yourself, you will then become the highest and best version of yourself!

Wk 1 - Introductions / Setting Clear Intentions / AM & PM Happiness Practices / Clearing Emotional Charge

Wk 2 - Pre-life / Embryonic / trauma healing

Wk 3 - Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Wk 4 - Clearing out that which is standing in the way of what you want!

Wk 5 - Ancestral Lineage Healing

Wk 6 - Relationships

Wk 7 - Body Healing Class

Wk 8 - Finding YOUR Purpose & Blissful Calling

Wk 9 - Money, Money, Money - Attract Abundance Your Way

Wk 10 - Manifestation tools & techniques!

This program will be 9 weeks long…I will condense 1 of these weeks. 

All for only $995
or 3 payments of $333

I’m so confident in this program that I offer an unbeatable money back guarantee.If you don’t benefit from the first module of the program, you can simply request a full refund. No questions asked.


Sign up 30 days in advance and receive an additional 30 minute bonus reading!