Intuition Development Training Series

Do you ever feel mysteriously guided towards something that was so meant to be?


...Perhaps you missed an opportunity only to make space for a much better one to fall in your lap?
...Or maybe you put your money down on something that turned out to be profitable in the end
...Or perhaps something guided you to sign up for a class such as this for no particular reason and it turned out to benefit you in some unexpected way?

When things like this happen I like to think that my "higher powers" or "Source" are on my side!

Well, what if it were possible to learn how to access your own intuitive information and connect with "Source" more of the time? So you then have more choice about the people, interactions and events you encounter. 

We invite you to Develop your intuition with us! 

Beginning Oct 4th, Shara Ogin will be hosting a series of intuition development classes which will assist you to:  

  • Make decisions and choices that are more in alignment with the truth of whom you are
  • Learn how to better quiet the chitter chatter of your mind and rather let your heart speak and guide you
  • Attract chosen people and circumstances your way with more ease
  • Gain clarity and confidence

In the first class on Oct 4th, Shara Ogin will guide you through a few psychic tools which will help you to ground and balance your energy, connect with your higher powers and take the first steps towards accessing your own intuitive information.

No prior experience is needed.

Time: 6:45 pm MST


Location: Online or In-person
Private home in E. Boulder around Foothill and Baseline Rd.
Exact address or zoom link to be provided following payment + RSVP. In-person spots are limited.

Please Venmo shara-ogin (last 4 digits ph# 6401) or register through Eventbrite HERE.

Message me directly with any questions!


$15- via zoom Earlybird. 
$20 2 days prior
Bring additional friends for only $5 via Venmo (friends must be the first time class with Shara)!

No prior experience is needed.

Topics/Themes of Each class:
Part I - Tues Oct 4th - Basic psychic Tools to developing your intuition
Part II - Tues Oct 25th - Psychic Protection (Clear other people and things out of your space and safeguard your aura and body)
Part III - Tues Nov. 8th - Balancing the Masculine & Feminine

Dates for the future classes to come!


About Shara:
Shara Ogin is a clairvoyant, a life coach, and a reverend, and is most passionate about helping people to remove those invisible blocks and barriers that stand in the way of them accessing their deepest purpose and potential.

She has been featured on NBC sports and as a speaker at numerous festivals, workshops, and events.

She frequently works with women who are ready to call in love, career satisfaction, personal fulfillment, and abundance in all realms.
Having spent the two decades prior, working in the medical field as an Occupational Therapist, as well as a Somatic Feldenkrais Practitioner®, she includes her vast knowledge of the body into her work, merging the practical with the metaphysical and the mind with the body.

Shara has recently published a book + workbook titled “Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom; Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within,” where she outlines the root cause of over 150 diagnoses and ailments and holistic strategies for treatment.

Video links of Shara's previous teachings: - Love Manifestation Webinar