Turning Dreams
Into Reality

The Manifestation Program

A 2 Month Program, starting June 2021.


We are always manifesting. It’s natural and you do it all day every day, on autopilot mode - but when was the last time you were able to do it intentionally?

In this unique and interactive multi-part class I will teach you all the ingredients that are absolutely essential for ascertaining your grandeur desires.

Hosted by me, Shara Ogin, Manifestation Coach Extraordinaire. When I combine the magic of coaching and clairvoyant readings there’s no end to the magic that can be created.

Receive specific information as to what is standing in the way of you having what you want as well as personalized guidance and channeled healing to remove these blocks.

We will meet weekly for 5 weeks straight and then take a couple week break and then have a follow-up completion class. During the break, you will have assignments and practices to complete. This will also allow time for your manifestations to come to fruition. One of the reasons why this format is so effective is because it’s not just yourself thinking about what you want, yet rather, the entire class will be putting their attention on your wants, hopes, and desires. And holding that vision for you!

Date and Time

1st week July, 5-6pm on whatever day Mon-Thurs works best for the group.


Zoom. The link will be provided following or registration or payment
(see below).

Email: sharaogin.com

Week 1

In the first class, I will do a reading on each participant in the call and share where you are on the “manifestation clock,” (readiness to manifest).

I’ll also tune into specific advice and feedback that will help you to move the clocks forward.

It’s an old adage, “You can’t rush time.” While this is true, just the opposite is true as well. There is a lot that can be done to speed up time. On the evolutionary manifestation clocks that is. 

Week 2

In this class, I will provide personalized channeled information as to which beliefs and thought-forms are standing in the way. I’ll also provide specific guidance on how to remove them.

Together as a group, I will guide you through a process of clearing and creating a foundation for a new belief, a new thought-form.

This class will provide a deep ecological shift. What this means is that the change will be internal. Affirmations and positive thoughts only are effective when your cells and DNA are in alignment.

Week 3

How is your permission level to let in this new desire? What are your cross motivations standing in the way? I will guide you through energy clearing / visualization to expand your permission & havingness level.

I will also teach you some tools which will help you to balance and run your energy.

Week 4

Learn some pertinent energetic and psychic tools that will help to shift your vibration and alter what you attract your way.

Week 5

We will review the other steps and then we will conclude with releasing our desire out into the universe. I will share a sacred ritual that will help to call the desire in.

Week 6

Check-in with our manifestations. Individualized healing, guidance & more. 


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