Easing Shoulder & Back pain (Integrating the Feldenkrais Method)

Easing Shoulder & Back pain (Integrating the Feldenkrais Method)

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Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic neck, back, or arm pain?

At the end of your workday do you have those aches and pains, or even occasional tingling sensations that you assume you just have to deal with?

Although the focus is around the shoulder quadrant, you'll also experience relief in all areas of your body such as your back, arm, and neck.

You may also experience:

~Better Spinal Alignment
~More comfort and range with neck rotation
~More openness in your chest
~More upright Standing posture
~Enhanced and Regulated breathing
~Improved sleep
~Relief of nerve pain

Each of these lessons focuses on normalizing the glide and movement of your shoulder blades, ribs, and clavicles, and stretching out the nerves, muscles, and tendons that stem from your neck and shoulders. These lessons are extremely effective at eliminating and preventing overuse injuries and helping your arms to become better integrated with the rest of you. The result of making these changes is long term pain relief.

This DVD will guide you through:

  • FOUR relaxing and soothing 30 min sequences incorporating the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education
  • TWO Occupational & Physical Therapy exercises geared to help you to relieve such pains.
  • And more...