Sunrise Ranch Feb 17-20th, 2023 Retreat

Regular price $500.00

Fees are per-person and include beautiful resort accommodations, use of all facilities, workshop/classes with Shara, yoga classes, healthy (mostly organic) meals, and peaceful spaciousness to support your journey.

Sunrise ranch is located in Longmont, CA, 1 hr north of Denver at the foothills of the rocky mountains.  It was originally a 123 acre ranch dedicated to land restoration and chemical-free farming.

As one of the oldest intentional spiritual communities in the country and a thriving spiritual retreat and conference center, there has been much positive thought and intention directed toward this land and the structures and forms that live on it. There is a palpable vibration that may be sensed immediately upon arriving on and it is an ideal location for awakening, growth and development!

We feature seasonal and locally produced fresh, whole food in our dining room. Whether referring to fruit and vegetable produce or animal products, it’s simply better when it’s fresh. With today’s increase of genetically modified foods and mass food production, going straight to the source of your food production is often the only way to know exactly what you are getting. Farm-to-table supports family farms, organic farming initiatives and sustainable agriculture.