How I Performed a Psychic Predictive Reading on Shohei Ohtani

How I Performed a Psychic Predictive Reading on Shohei Ohtani

When I do reading (such as the one I did on Shohei Ohtani with and NBC Sports), what I'm actually doing is reading the energy of the future with how it looks in the moment.

The reason I’m usually accurate is because the underlying “picture” or energy behind the subject rarely changes or changes very little.


However, we must also know that there is always a component of “free will” and we have the power to change the course of our destiny and the trajectory of our lives at any time!

When the information comes in less clear (such as what happened in my original interviews), I take this to mean that the subject is unclear (since I'm looking at the answer from their thoughts and perspective.) Perfectly understandable with so many hot offers on the table for Shohei!

Specifically, the way I do readings is I close my eyes, I draw in front of me an imaginary "viewing screen," and I ask questions.  I command an image or picture  to be shown to me around the information I need. Then, I interprete the pictures.  This former is where years of practice and training comes in...and even to this day, the meaning of the interpretations are forever changing.

I do believe I have a special ability to see into a person’s subconscious, and I use this ability (when asked), to receive information as to what precisely may be standing in the way of them having the lives they want as well as specific action steps that will be needed for them to get there.

Things like Your Soul’s Purpose and the stack of cards you have been dealt (Ie your mother and father etc.) will be for life. However, the way you play your cards is completely up to you.

As you change the way you play (at a cellular level), everything from your facial features to the circumstances that you attract can also change. 

You have the power!

For any of you who are personally struggling with finding love, finding purpose, or figuring out the next steps in your life, one thing I truly believe is that things will unravel and open at the right time. And, all the while, there are things you can do to speed up your personal evolution and metamorphosis.

Some very basic tips for you to find your way are to stay strong, be in acceptance of the current state of where you are, and grow your trust… Trust that the Universal laws are in motion and that things can and will unfold in due time.🌷