Unlock Your Potential
Hi, I’m Shara.

I have a special ability to see the invisible blocks that are standing in the way of your highest light and potential.

I am dedicated to help you to reprogram limiting beliefs and behaviors which have been standing in your way of accomplishing your goals and dreams, so you can live in joy and deep personal fulfillment!

Manifest the Life YOU WANT!

Manifestation Program

Receive specific information as to what is standing in the way of you having what you want as well as personalized guidance and channeled healing to remove these blocks.

Imagine a group of individuals putting their focus and attention on your goals & dreams. I guarantee this 2-month program will help you to take a HUGE leap in that direction!

Intuitive Coaching!

It’s not all the years of training, or the wonderful testimonials that qualify me.  Instead, it's my life experiences.  Having lived my entire life with a thick wall around me to hold my pain in and keep others out.  I have now learned to dissolve that wall and the pain of isolation, and commit myself fully to self love.   I have learned how to live a life I am passionate about and wake up every day with enthusiasm and zest. I too want this evolutionary peak state of love to find you!

What to Expect After a 1:1 Session:

Don’t be surprised if right after a session, someone we just did the reading on calls. Or the co-worker you’ve been having a difficult time with is suddenly nice to you, or if synchronicities and coincidences occur all around you. Patterns we just discussed may present themselves to you right after sessions in order for you to choose a different dynamic with them.

Your Journey

All of our emotions and life experiences are stored in our bodies at a cellular level. My work as a holistic practitioner goes deep into the root of issues, releasing them on all levels, body, mind, and spirit.

As your life coach, I create a safe space where you can connect to your passion, clarify your vision, and begin taking the necessary steps towards living the life you want.

I combine psychic readings, reiki, coaching, neuro-linguistic reprogramming, ancestral & karmic healing, as well as Feldenkrais® somatic therapy to help reprogram your limited assumptions and the beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from reaching your goals and dreams. Each of these modalities results in significant neural reprogramming of the mind, body, & spirit. 

Our work together hones in on finding and removing the origins of patterns that no longer serve you.

So you can live in alignment with your highest and best self.


My sessions have been deeply cleansing and healing.

I never would have thought that I had so much to clear up and clean up, and Shara makes it so graceful and simple. I'm also grateful that I can reach out to her with questions or get extra support if I really need it and boy does she deliver. My life has already gotten so much better as I experience new peace of mind, clarity and freedom that I didn't even know were missing!

- Lori M, Consultant

Thank you again for last Friday session.

 I felt a shift on Sat where suddenly I feel excited to create a new website and take steps toward creating the type of yoga I want to teach.  That feeling of "it won’t lead to anything" feels like it’s not there anymore.  I think the clearing stuff you did worked!  It was really great to talk to you about it.  Thank you for being so open and accepting and loving.  I really think you have a gift.  All that stuff you said was spot on.  

Sydney M, Yoga Teacher

I have been glowing from your healing for months!

I had a fantastic healing from you on my fifth chakra. It really helped me to have the most fantastic family reunion with 27 people for a week at my moms house.  Everybody in harmony and having fun and no no big drama for the first time ever.  I was fearing going home before this healing. I have been glowing from your healing for months. 

Rev Pauli Rose.