A Rapid Soul-level
Growth Experience

Intuitive Coaching 

It’s not all the years of training, or the wonderful testimonials that qualify me. Instead, it's my life experiences. Having lived my entire life with a thick wall around me to hold my pain in and keep others out. I have now learned to dissolve that wall and the pain of isolation, and commit myself fully to self love. I have learned how to live a life I am passionate about and wake up every day with enthusiasm and zest. I too want this evolutionary peak state of love to find you!


How would it feel to be held in a healing bubble for the duration of our time working together? Where if obstacles or stresses suddenly appear, do know…

I am here for you!

As your life coach, I create a safe space where you can connect to your passion, clarify your vision, and begin taking the necessary steps towards living the life you want.

I combine psychic readings, reiki, coaching, neuro-linguistic reprogramming, ancestral & karmic healing, as well as Feldenkrais® somatic therapy to help reprogram your limited assumptions and the beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from reaching your goals and dreams.

Each of these modalities results in significant neural reprogramming of the mind, body, & spirit. 

The program focuses on all major aspects of life including finances & career, health & wellness, relationships and love, passion & purpose, past life karma, and family.

This program is for those who truly want to break through any stagnate or recurrent patterns in their lives and step into creating the life they truly want.

It is recommended that people have done a fair amount of deep inter-personal work prior. One reason this form of coaching is so effective is that profound neural shifts occur following each session. Hidden in the deep under layers of our subconscious is where our unwanted habits form, negative thoughts are created, and belief patterns reside.

Download our Coaching Agreement to get started.

 The Coaching Agreement also has a sample
of how the sessions might go.

What to expect after a session

Don’t be surprised if right after a session, someone we just did the reading on calls. Or the co-worker you’ve been having a difficult time with is suddenly nice to you, or if synchronicities and coincidences occur all around you.

Patterns we just discussed may present themselves to you right after sessions in order for you to choose a different dynamic with them.

After our sessions, pain ailments improve, relationships improve or alter, and people begin to feel more the driver of the course of their lives as opposed to victim. Whatever Karma we came into this life with…..being treated unfairly, being misunderstood, being on the outside etc. this is all quite possible to change.

Long-term patterns come in layers, similar to layers of an onion. As one layer at a time gets peeled away, this most likely results in you feeling lighter, freer, and brighter.

The body has an ingenious way of revealing that which is ready to be released and removed. (Part of our work together is learning how to read & understand your body’s messaging system).

It’s amazing how after even my psychic sessions, the spine aligns, your walk is softer, more balanced and even.

Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes and combine coaching, readings/energy healing & hands-on bodywork

Optional 1 live Family Constellation - (Ave 2.5-3 hrs long + 1 prep call)

Optional 1 past life regression/ trauma clearing session (ave 2.5 hrs long)

24/7 accessibility via email & text & we can schedule phone calls between sessions as needed.

Homework & assignments to complete in between our sessions (I’m happy to look over)!

Intermittent healings and check-ins in between our sessions as needed

A free copy of my book & Workbook - Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom: Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within.

A free pass to any of my classes (under $25) I am hosting during the time of your coaching package

And, any of the customizable sessions listed below


I primarily work with people for 6 months.

Typically we meet weekly the first month, three times/month for months 2-4. The last two months tend to be bi-monthly.

After this, if you still wish to continue, we switch to my significantly discounted long-termed client rate!

Intermittent phone calls, texts, email support & healings available between sessions as needed.

I can custom other packages as needed, yet 6 months is the amount of time for your entire inner ecology to shift towards a life more congruent with that which you truly want. However, after each session, most clients do experience a significant shift!There is a natural progression that occurs throughout the duration of our work together, so for the sessions to be most effective, working consistently for the first 6 sessions is most ideal. It takes 6 months for strong patterns to end and a huge life shift to occur. That’s why I recommend the Full 6-month manifestation program.

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Demo of Intuitive Coaching Sessions (with client's written permission)

Client Testimonial

Example 6 Month Package

Together we will figure out which sessions are most pertinent and priority. Some of the sessions are more coaching/therapeutic based, while others are more in the form of psychic readings/energy clearings.I like to leave a few of the sessions unstructured so we can deal directly with whatever is happening at the current time in your life.

My overall goal is to end long-rooted patterns. So if an old pattern and/or dynamic with another person presents itself, it is always best to address it sooner than later.

Wk 1 - Growth Cycle Reading.
We will look at a general view of your energy in the symbolic form of a rose. We will see what may be affecting your growth and ability to communicate with yourself and others. We will look at what if any of your past life information you are drawing upon at this present time in your life.

Wk 2 - Belief Change/Inner Child Healing Session
To weed out all the beliefs that are no longer serving you

Weeks 3-17 can consist of any of the following.
• Career Reading
• Money Reading - Clear money blocks, call in abundance
• Past Life Regression/trauma & karma release
• Full Expression Exercise (5th chakra)-Breakthrough anger, resentment, sadness, etc.
• Ancestral DNA Healing Session (Heal traits passed onto us through the generations)
• Health reading
•10 steps to move through Pain Process
• Endocrine System Reading/Kundalini
• Parts Conflict/Integration work - to iron out the competing parts/voices inside yourself.
• Male/female reading (balancing the Yin/Yang channels)
•Relationship reading (for a couple or for a single person)
• Relationship readings & healing to alter dynamics between co-workers, family members, or anyone you are having a conflict with
• Trauma Release with NLP• Pet reading
• Seniority reading
• House reading
• Karma Clearing
• Analyzer (getting out of head & into the body)
• Seniority (reclaiming ownership of your own space)
• Family Systems Healing work / Family Constellations
• Programming (or reprogramming of old reactive patterns)
• Create more Time & Space in your day
• Body Image
• Manifestation Session- How to call in powerfully all that you want
• Finding Your Blissful Calling/Life Purpose