Readings for Parties & Events - Denver/Boulder/SF

Now located in Denver & Boulder Region!
I am a professional intuitive/psychic/tarot reader, who can readily see and clear the blocks that stand in the way of having just what you want, in your relationships, business, and in all areas of life.
I've worked everything from corporate events, bachelorette parties, baby showers, winery events, weddings to more intimate home settings. I worked a party for Facebook, Google, Benchmark Capitol, a Lab Co (21-and-me), Restoration Hardware, Loads of tech company & more. 
People are usually blown away by the information and leave the reading thinking "wow, how did she know that?"  Most Tarot readings only interpret the meaning of cards. I take this one step further by relaying specifically how this information pertains to you!
You can relax when you hire me, knowing I arrive early and will provide insightful information to the guests while keeping the information on the positive side, all while keeping a flair of grace and ease.
About Me:
I am down-to-earth and friendly. Well dressed in either cocktail or dazzling costume attire. Whichever suits your occasion!

Crystal ball adds in a little additional decor and fun for the party! Yet it's my psychic imagery and my tarot that I rely upon to access the needed information. 


Please contact me HERE so we can figure out how to make your event even more AMAZING!


Readings at a Halloween party at a Funeral Home, 2021
Hear what others are saying:
"Shara was excellent. Everyone who had a reading commented on what a great experience it was. I would highly recommend her and would use her again for future parties" (Tim H, Walnut Creek, C)
"Shara was a great addition to our party. She was professional and incredibly flexible when we needed her to stay longer than our original timeframe."
(Tina S, Belvedere Tiburon, CA)
"Everyone in our event had a great time with Shara. We hired her for one of our Corporate Events and all of our employees let us know how amazing she was, she gave great readings and made everyone feel very comfortable."
(Tyler K, Pleasanton, CA)