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"The body reflects the attitudes of the mind. Improve the function of the body and you  must improve the state of the mind." -Moshe Feldenkrais


What is Feldenkrais?

We are creatures of habit and our movement and thinking patterns are shaped by our life experiences, beliefs, and circumstances.  Often we don’t acknowledge inefficient movement patterns until pain occurs (such as slouching in a chair, walking with our head way forward, or inhibited breath).

The Feldenkrais Method® is an effective means to improve posture, alleviate pain, and to increase your awareness of your internal world of sensations.


The Feldenkrais Bodywork Session:
I conduct all of my private sessions in the comfort of my E. Boulder home.   I begin each session by observing and assessing your posture before laying you down on a bodywork table in a position of comfort. 

Gentle skilled touch is used that most often sends you, the client, into a state of utmost relaxation and bliss at the same time as the healing occurs.

The method has an immediate effect on the nervous system so that when the session is over you will walk and feel a significant difference.  Your balance, posture, and ease of movement may all be improved as well as your peace of mind.

I sometimes incorporate coaching & intuitive healing in my pain management treatments.  Pain is stored in the body at a cellular level, and each cell is responding to the accumulation of our life experiences and beliefs. With this understanding as our starting point, I look at physical and emotional pain as one and the same.


Who Can Benefit from a Session?

I frequently work with clients who have back pain, sleep difficulties, arthritis, overuse injuries, depression, stress, attention deficit disorder, neurological conditions such as stroke, and other chronic or acute pain.

The Feldenkrais Method can benefit anyone who wants to improve his or her posture, health, and well being. I personally get a 1-2 sessions/month just for upkeep...to keep my spine aligned and my mind balanced and clear!


Location: E. Boulder

Price: $150/hr

Please email shara at sharaogin@gmail.com to inquire



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