How to connect with your “Higher Self”

How to connect with your “Higher Self”

We all want reassurance that the decisions we are making throughout the day are the right ones! We want to know that we are on the right path in life!

For this reason, many of us have learned to cultivate a divine relationship with this part of ourselves. While other people probably have no idea what this term “Higher Self,” even means.

We can think of the term “Higher Self” as the Wise and All-Knowing One that resides within each and every one of us. I suggest avoiding getting too hung up on what the literal meaning of this term is. Whether you wish to think of it as the Light within you or your higher guidance center. Whatever term best resonates with you, the important thing is to develop a relationship with this part of yourself and learn how to listen to it for guidance. I believe this part to be the inner compass within each and every one of us. And when our compass is off, our ships may sail us off-course. This part interacts intimately with our intuition center and our heart.

The information we receive could come in one of three main ways:

1. We could visualize it or see it happening in our imagination.

2. We could sense or feel the answer. This might feel similar to when we have a gut feeling that something in our house, our job, with our family, and so forth just isn’t right. Or, when we know 100% without a doubt how right something is!

3. We could hear the answer. Perhaps we’ll actually receive a verbal communication, or some specific words will come to mind. Words can be taken quite literally or metaphorically. Whatever they are, make note of them.

Exercise to Get in Touch with Your Higher Self

To get to know this aspect of yourself, first come to a quiet, introspective space. Soften all your facial muscles and clear your mind of any extraneous thoughts.

Then request that your higher self show itself to you, in any way, shape, or form, it wishes to come in. And then pause, as you wait for it to appear.

Notice what area of your body you feel it in, or is it outside of yourself?

I often feel it somewhere between my third eye and my chest region. Sometimes I can even feel the guidance from above as the energy circulates right over my head. If you are someone who tends to use your thinking mind a lot and struggle with this step, then one tip is to soften your eyes and drop your focus slightly lower (out of the front of your mind).

Ask it a very simple yes or no question. Do I like it here? Is Shara (replace this with your own name) my name? Do I like spinach? Should I wear the green skirt today?

From where do these answers come? Do the answers show up more as symbols, feelings, words, emotions, and so forth? Some may experience this aspect of themselves in their heart, some may experience it in their third eye, or some may experience it somewhere in between. Some may even experience it outside the body. And if you’re having difficulty experiencing it at all, be patient. Over time, you will!

Practice getting to know what the voice of your higher self looks, sounds, and feels like. I suggest after making initial contact with this part, you begin the practice of asking it questions on a daily basis.

At first, avoid questions that you have a preference or bias for as you may be misguided. For instance, yesterday my husband and I were debating where in Mexico we should travel to. My friend mentioned that San Miguel was amazing and that I would love it there. As she was talking, I felt so compelled to go there. When I asked my higher self, of course, it pointed me in that direction, as it was influenced by the thoughts and beliefs I was already feeling. Yet when my husband and I sat down to look at logistics and the bigger picture the obvious answer was a no.

When we allow our inner guidance center to be biased by the thoughts and feelings we are having at the moment, this can sometimes guide us astray. However, at other times, the body’s instinctive feeling of excitement is a true indicator of your body’s “Yes” messaging.

Make note of what both feel like. Over time, you will learn to tell the difference between these respective energies. With practice and intention, you will also become better apt at putting your own biases, beliefs, and judgments to the side when gathering such information. You will become your own best healer when, in a sense, you get your own self out of the way.

As you develop a relationship with this part of yourself, my hope is you will begin to trust yourself and your decisions more. This then will help you to improve your self-esteem and confidence with all the choices you make in life.

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