Mind, Body, Spirit Healing

Mind, Body, Spirit Healing

Sometimes, in life, you can have a lot of titles and accomplishments and– on paper– seem quite together, when on the inside, you’re struggling and feeling anything but together.

My guest on today’s show shares her experience of seeming to have it all, yet grappling with a pervasive insecurity and growing depression, which led her to explore spirituality and energy work. Shara Ogin is a clairvoyant, a life coach, an author, an Occupational Therapist, and a reverend, passionate about helping people remove those invisible blocks and barriers that stand in the way of them accessing their purpose and potential.

In this powerful discussion, Shara highlights how past traumas, ancestral baggage, and deep-seated patterns shape our current reality. She offers practical tools and insights for anyone looking to navigate their own spiritual path with more clarity and purpose. From understanding the significance of cutting energetic cords to embracing our innate psychic gifts, this episode is a journey into the heart of healing and personal growth. So, without any further ado, on with the show!


Shara, it’s so great to have you on the show.

It’s so great to be here. Thank you.

Let’s start by sharing your origin story of how you discovered these psychic superpowers and what your story arc was earlier.

There are many ways to explain that. Honestly, I would have a perfect life if I told you how it was. I have loving parents. I started in the medical field at the age of 21. I was an Occupational Therapist and an Ergonomist for about 25 years.

On paper, it all looked awesome. But the truth is, I was struggling a lot on the inside. I was lacking in deep friendships, I didn’t know how to have a relationship with a man. That was one of my main difficulties. I felt depressed, and disconnected from myself as well as from others. I lacked deeper meaning and a sense of personal fulfillment in my life (outside of my work).

I have a lot of titles behind my name. I have six titles, but I think the main thing that qualifies me is the amount of my life that I lived in darkness, with walls around my heart, and how I have broken down these walls to a place of deep meaning and connection.

 I went on this quest for about 25 years. I did every transpersonal and self-actualization course. I’m NLP trained. I lived in intentional communities. I lived at the Buddhist Zen Center for a year. It was all for me to figure what it would take for me to be happy.

Still, at 39, I have never had a real relationship with a man. For all the reasons. I was lacking in self-love and body image (yet that was more in my twenties). Then I just said, “I want to live the life I want to. I want to end my limiting beliefs. I want to step into self-love and break down any of the walls standing in the way of my relationship.”

That’s when I entered into a clairvoyant program. I was there for four years. My first year was… basically me crying. By the third year, I had healed so much. I healed my relationship with my father, my past life stuff, and all those reasons why I always compared myself to other people and felt like I wasn’t good enough.

By the end of three years there, I had healed most of my limiting beliefs and limiting thoughts. People started to come to me for readings and healing, and I realized that I had the ability to evoke the same change in other people.

As healers, the law of attraction, someone comes to you for something they need healing around, and you’re like, “Oh, yeah, I know that one.” It was maybe my 200th free reading at the school as one more woman came to me for a reading to help her find love. After the reading, I was looking for my matching energy and realized that there was nothing left to heal. That’s when my husband’s energy came in, or it felt like the shadow of a man came into my field.

I met my husband that month. I had a baby at the age of 47. People have been coming to me for readings, and my whole life has shifted.

I still have my Occupational Therapy license, yet I no longer work in a clinic. After having this U-turn in my life, I have surrendered to a higher power to guide me and use me in the way that best serves my abilities.

Wow. Congratulations on your success and on having not only your soulmate but also a baby at age 47. That’s miraculous.


One thing I’ve realized and reflected on is that so much of my life was an effort to make the grades. I think it’s an ancestral family belief that you have to work hard to make money. You have to work hard to succeed. My whole life has been crafted upon that ideology.

I now live authentically, wanting to help people in whatever way I can. I want to rise and stop the suffering, the pain of separation, or whatever is needed for others to live a happy, fulfilling life.

I truly believe, that when you’re in full alignment — body, mind, spirit — things will come without so much effort.

Effort or grasping for what we want, that’s the very thing that pushes so many things away. It’s like, “I wanted a boyfriend so bad, I would do anything.” Yet, I wasn’t just bringing myself to the table.

Now, when I bring myself to the table, and I’m authentic, I’m not trying to get a client. I’m not trying to make money. I just want to help people in whatever way I can to stop their suffering, the pain of separation, or whatever it is, to live a more happy, fulfilling life.

It might sound hard for our listener to think of being in a place of lack, suddenly shutting that off, and then feeling like, “Oh, well, the universe has my back, or the creator is going to provide everything I need, so why am I worried?”

That sounds good. That’s easy to say, but it’s a lot harder to do in practice when you don’t have enough money to pay the bills, you don’t have a partner or a peer group, or maybe you’re badly in debt.

What do you tell a person going through that when they want to follow in your footsteps and manifest the life of their dreams, but it just feels like a pipe dream?

First of all, I get it. 

To tell someone simply to trust and surrender is probably the last thing they’d want to hear. The only way this actually works is for me to bring someone into that vibration…and then and only then would they be willing to hear it. I will do this maybe through inner child healing, by helping the younger version of them to feel that the world around them is safe, or through numerous other ways. 

On a different note, one of the reasons you don’t have what you want in your life is because there is a limiting belief standing in the way of you. Part of my work involves distilling, “What is that limiting thought? What is the limiting belief?

We live in the law of attraction. I try to stay away from catchphrases like that, but it’s true. When we’re out of a resonant vibration of having what we want, it just won’t come. 

We need to get aligned with the truth rather than dreaming or meditating our way past trauma.

Over the past decade, I’ve transitioned into dropping into my heart and feeling the truth in this moment. And sometimes, the truth hurts. I’ve also learned that we need to get into acceptance of the current state, no matter how broken or awful it is. Instead of just dreaming or meditating our way out of it, part of it is feeling it, so we come to feel reality and stop running from emotions.

If someone has financial scarcity, which, of course, is a very common topic, I work with them on being accepting of the current state. Then, there are things I could do energetically to help them shift out of that scarcity mode. It’s being on the rat wheel of your scarcity. You need money, and then things happen against you that prevent you from having money. We need to get someone out of that scarcity field first.

Do you have some sort of process that you take them through?

There are many things I do. When I work with people, it’s a combination of coaching and energy healing, as well as somatic body work.

About a decade ago, I started working with a Reiki healer, and I would lie on her table and she was able to take my emotional pain away by the session’s end. I never had that experience…I always thought I needed to work hard and struggle. For those who work so hard like I did, it’s such a blessing to have someone else do some of the work. I have since learned how to do this.

I believe that all our hardships and pain have three origin levels.

1. One is childhood imprints. If someone is experiencing something such as financial scarcity, this isn’t the first time they’ve felt it. It’s usually that record skipping that has been playing that theme throughout their life. We need to get to the beginning of where that record started, most likely before their brains were developed enough to make cognitive sense of the world around them, i.e. in their first 5 or 6 years of life.

2. The second place is ancestral. Perhaps you saw your parents fretting, “There’s not enough money for dinner. We need to buy top ramen for dinner,” whatever it is. This belief and energy will then get transferred onto you. There’s so much we could do to release such ancestral roots.

3. The third is past lives, which I will refrain from really talking about because I never believed in past lives. I never believed in any of this before 15 years ago. I guess the only way I know that my work works is because when I do sessions with people, things like their spine straighten. If they have physical pain, their pain goes away, etc.

Sometimes, I say I’m a weight loss coach because the pounds start coming off when I work with people. For a woman, when they start holding weight or gaining weight, I think it’s mostly toxic weight. What we’re doing here is we’re releasing the toxic energy of whatever it is. Whether it comes from any of those three places — ancestral, past life, or childhood imprints.

I think seeing a psychologist and doing that kind of work is great. I love it when someone comes to me and has already been doing the work. But most practitioners can only work with as much as you bring them. I see beyond that into the subconscious, beyond what people have conscious knowledge of.

In my personal experience, there was no psychologist, no therapist who was able to truly help me because my hurts were so deeply interwoven into my subconscious, that even I had no idea what was the issue. I was unable to communicate or put into words my pain. When I work with people, I’m looking for an ecological change, a shift in their cellular alignment.

When you’re in full alignment — body, mind, and spirit — achieving your goals becomes effortless.

The shift must occur on two levels. One is the physical, that’s the physiology. This means the way a person breathes and moves. In my twenties, I walked with my head down and my shoulders rolled forward, as I had zero confidence. Through Feldenkrais® somatic work, I was able to shift my posture.

The other is the mental or psychosocial. What we think and believe.

The amazing thing is when you help somebody with the mental and psychosocial it has a direct effect on the physical and just the converse is true.

Every trauma, every pain you’ve experienced throughout your entire life, you’re body has a stored memory of.

Release the toxic energy that hinders you from healing pain or illness.

Before doing any woo-woo and coaching work, I was a Feldenkrais Practitioner® since 2002. It’s a four-year training. The method helps people to reorganize their nervous system and skeleton towards their optimal state.

People would start crying at my table all the time. When I teach workshops, I’ll just do a Feldenkrais lesson. I’m telling you, I’ve never taught a retreat where at least half the people don’t cry. I call that my psychology without words because they’re just releasing something on the physical level that is holding a stored memory.

I don’t need to know what it is; I don’t need to know why they’re crying, but something shifts. As that shifts, their body shifts, and it also helps them on a psychological level. Clients will report things like their peripheral vision opens and their eyesight improves. They’ll get a millimeter taller after my workshop, it’s crazy.

Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life blew my mind when I read it 15 or 20 years ago. Then I realized, “Wait a second, affirmations aren’t going to get you out of pain.” I was also in a little bit of a disagreement with some of her answers. I was like, “Wait, this is inconsistent with what I’m getting in my information from my readings.”

When I was working in therapy as a therapist, I noticed that certain personalities, like carpal tunnel and strokes, have some very specific emotional patterns. Yet, I only wore my Occupational Therapy hat while treating them in the clinic. 

Yet later, when I was looking at the energetic root from my intuitive coaching perspective, I started to see more consistent underlying themes and I decided to start writing them down. And this became the start of my book.

For instance, take the diagnosis of tennis elbow. My energetic interpretation of the root cause has to do with, “pushing the world away from you.” Then what? What do you do with it? 

So in the back of my book, I also included solutions for each diagnosis from a mind/body perspective.

I still use my wisdom as an Occupational Therapist. I am very much a proponent of Traditional Medical as well as alternative care. 

If our listener is experiencing chronic back pain or they have some sort of chronic illness like Lyme disease or autoimmune issue, there’s a root cause that’s beyond the physical. It may be past life–related, or it’s related to some unresolved trauma from their childhood. How do you identify what’s underlying a physical ailment?

My answer in a nutshell is it’s usually all of it. Past lives, ancestral and childhood imprints. And on the mental/psycho-social as well as the physical. 

Usually, with a new client, I refrain from right off the bat doing past-life or ancestral healing, and rather, I look for the root of it in this lifetime.

For instance, Low Back pain is almost always, carrying the weight of the world, or obligation and resented responsibility.

So many people are caring for their sick mother, working overtime, etc. Who is living in freedom these days?

Lyme disease, you mentioned that one, too, has to do with people needing them, sucking away some of their vital force. These are all what I call karmic themes. These are things that have been most likely going on their whole life. If we could change the story, change their memory of the root of it, that is one way.

When one person is having a challenging relationship with another, I’ll do an energetic update on the contract, and their dynamic with the other person almost always changes. 

Here’s a really important point. Another reason why most people have pain is because they’re overusing certain muscle groups. They’re overusing their distal extremities and their hands and underutilizing their core muscular groups, which are the pelvis and the lower back. We’re walking through the world like we’re wearing a straitjacket.

Sometimes, this happens because of an injury, but this may not always be the root. The root may be trauma or sitting over your computer for eight to ten hours a day. Certain parts of ourselves then become unmovable and out of our awareness, especially on our backs. To find a Feldenkrais practitioner, go to the Feldenkrais website and put it in your zip code. 

Through the Feldenkrais method®, we bring awareness to certain parts of the body that are out of our awareness. There are seven lumbar vertebrae. Most people overutilize those. The thoracic, above, is held, not moving at all.

If you want to know what efficient movement is, just watch an infant move. What happens is that all the vertebrae move like links in a chain — one moves, and then the next, and the next. I know this because I have taught three retreats in the past three weeks and touched about 50 bodies. I don’t think there was one that was moving efficiently. They were locked. Certain vertebrae and ribs are locked together due to deeply engrained habits.

Your body is made up of stored memories.

The result is that the scapula, the shoulder blade, will not glide properly, and the arms will overwork. Whatever came first, the chicken or the egg, doesn’t matter, but we need to move this part more efficiently. There’s no pill, no chiropractor crack, and no acupuncture point that will get this moving. The only thing that will get this moving is the reeducation of the nervous system, bones, ligaments, joints, and how they communicate with the brain.

Once that happens, for one thing, the pain goes away. The shoulder blade starts gliding, and we can take the work off the arm. If people could learn to use themselves more efficiently, the back pain could disappear.

Moshé Feldenkrais, by the way, was a judo master and martial artist. There’s no woo in Feldenkrais, and it’s very science-based. He worked at the Radium Institute. He was a scientist. He also comes from a very scientific background, and I come from a medical background.

Are you able to connect somebody’s past life trauma, some unresolved karmic debt, or something like that to a chronic illness or pain that they’re experiencing in this lifetime?


How do you do that?

Let’s look at it this way. Mind you, I was not a believer in past life. Even if you don’t believe me, this still works. We all came into this life with unresolved things from past lives, things we’re here to accomplish in this lifetime.

For instance, I was basically mute. I was the shyest kid in school, and I was picked on my entire childhood. For me, it was finding my voice, finding my expression, and finding my uniqueness. In order to find what we’re here to do, we have hardships usually, whether you come from a broken home, poverty, or whatever it is that will help you to learn the lessons you are meant to research and study in this lifetime.

We all have the power to live free from our pasts. Regardless of how we grew up, we can overcome our traumas and limiting beliefs.

I believe we choose a body because we are ready to work on this stuff, yet from a different perspective and with different circumstances than we did in the past. 

This is the reason I believe my daughter waited so long to come into this world because I had a lot of healing myself to do. I believe that anything that isn’t healed, may eventually somatically express itself. 

For example, let’s say that somebody has a scar or a birthmark, and perhaps that correlates to the person’s past life where they were stabbed. Maybe that was how they died.

Not to say that they’re having chronic pain or something, but that is an example of the body keeping the score across lifetimes. How would you access that? How would you clairvoyantly? I can see you getting stabbed in this part of your body. Do you have anything going on there? “Oh, yeah, I’ve got a scar there. I have a big birthmark or whatever.” How does that work?

One of the reasons why people experience pain is because they overuse certain muscle groups, such as their distal extremities.

I believe with every part of our body — there’s a reason why we’re shaped this way or we come in this color. It does define where we came from and where we’re going. When I hear the example of the scar, this might be something about self-concept. That could be the theme that they’re meant to work on this lifetime, feeling unashamed of how they look. Sure, we could look at this from a past life perspective.

On my website, I have a free Find Your Purpose workbook. I believe the greatest hardships we face in this life provide a lot of information that defines the trajectory of where we’re supposed to be going. 

Would I want to live the same childhood again? Probably not, but now I can look back and be grateful for some of my hardships, which made me stronger. 

What happens if they never figure that out? They just suffer through chronic pain or ailment, and they have no conscious understanding of what the root cause is.

That’s most people, right? 

What are the implications? In school, if you don’t learn the lessons, then you have to retake the course.

I don’t think I’ve said this to a client, but I do believe you may be revisiting those lessons in the future. 

Right. But you do tarot readings. That’s pretty woo. How did that come about?

I do woo-woo stuff, but people who come to me are more mainstream as I was mainstream. 

I’m curious to hear how the tarot is part of your life, practice, and belief system. How do you utilize it for yourself and your clients?

Very little. In fact, I only use tarot for events. I get hired to do weddings and the like, to do readings. I get most of my information from here. I put out a psychic screen. The tarot cards are one level of information, so I could look and get some information about whatever the question is.

Most tarot card readers simply read the information on the cards as the instructions tell them to. I’ll take that and put it into the mix. My mental computer and I’ll be like, “Oh, she got the happy card, the star card, or whatever.” And then I’ll ask myself how this piece of information fits into the whole.

You could say I have synesthesia. Synesthesia is where I combine multiple sensory modalities. My seeing, my hearing, and my feelings get integrated into one. It’s not overwhelming because I’ve been working with them and training my senses for a while. 

When I feel it, see it, and ask my guides what the deeper meaning of this is, through practice, my answers come faster. There is a lot of information to take in. Then, it’s a matter of communicating in a way that a client can actually receive it.

How do you ask your guides? Are you talking to yourself in your head? Are you saying things out loud?

No, I just ask in my mind.

How do you get the answers? Is it inner voice monologue that’s happening? Is it visions, pictures, or a feeling and knowing?

That’s a great question. I see pictures or images, and sometimes I get a feeling in my body. Then the harder part is interpreting what I'm seeing or feeling.

I think I’m also going to answer this from how I teach clients how to get their own information. I teach them to connect to their hearts, which, if you want to do this audience, you’re welcome to.

Put your left hand onto your heart, fill your heartbeat into your hands, and create an all-loving, nurturing environment as if you had a baby’s head resting here. Then you could ask yourself to your heart, “Is my name Stephan?” You’ll feel what a yes vibration is, and then I’ll say, “Ask yourself, is my name Shara?” And you’ll get a no vibration. Part of it is getting to know your yes and no vibrations.

The greatest hardships we face can help us discover how to stay on the trajectory of our life goals.

I’ll do slower on that so that they can really feel the difference, and then we’ll get into more difficult questions. Part of it is learning to trust your heart for your guidance. That is one thing I do for myself as well. 

Also, I have connected with a spirit guide whom I sometimes ask for guidance. Yet, you can really channel anyone to get the information, so sometimes I do that. 

Sometimes, I’ll put up a gauge with the “yes” answer on the right and the “no” on the left. Then I’ll ask to show me the answer on the gauge.

Of course, we are all biased by our own thoughts, beliefs, and reality. Our mind will guide us towards that, which we believe, and this is one of the issues going on in social media.

Whatever you think, whatever you believe, if you believe the elections were rigged, yes, they were rigged, and you’ll find so much evidence around that. And visa versa.

Part of being a good healer is getting yourself out of the way.

On that note, it is a slightly different topic, but in order to be a good healer or a good coach, I did three years of coaching training, but I was never really a good coach. Once I completed the psychic training and healed my own stuff, I didn’t need to busy myself in my mind with my stuff.

My stuff is boring. Even when I talk about it, I don’t really have a trigger on it. If anybody wants to know my deepest, deepest wounds, okay, sure, I’ll share with you. But I’m able now to get myself out of the way and fully be present with clients or whoever comes to me. 

The trauma we bury internally — ancestral, childhood events, or past lives — will ultimately surface somatically. Only by addressing trauma can we completely align and heal.

When I completed the clairvoyant training, all of a sudden, after 20 years of interpersonal work and three years of coaching training, it all made sense. Then, I could do NLP on past lives and NLP on childhood stuff. I had some great teachers. Instead of doing it just as they taught me, through practice and trial and error, I’m learning what processes and practices make the most sense.

When you started the clairvoyant training, did you have any otherworldly visions or imagery come to you?

No, I only started because I was working with a coach. I was still mainstream. I didn’t even believe in the word clairvoyant or psychic, but I literally just wanted to be happy. I wanted to stop comparing myself to other people and feeling jealous, and I wanted to find love. I wasn’t looking for a career change because I really liked my work as an occupational therapist.

We all have psychic abilities inside of us. They’re like muscles — we need to build them to expand our imaginations and connect with ourselves.

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I remember the teacher said everybody’s psychic. I was like, “I don’t get what that means. Do I have to make something up?” 

It’s as simple as imagining a purple rhinoceros right now. As you imagine a purple rhinoceros, you’re seeing a vision.

I never believed that we had this ability, but we all have it inside of us. 

There was a moment in my first year, when all of a sudden in a reading, I saw something. With practice, just like going to the gym and using weights to strengthen a muscle, I started to "see."

As you expand this ability, you’ll start to see more colors and images, and even your dreams will expand. By the second year, it’s clearing that self-doubt. Then, by the third year, it’s learned to trust yourself.

Trust is a huge thing. Some of the women I work with have been hurt by men or taken advantage of, so they have trust issues. Ultimately, we want to grow our ability to trust ourselves.

Getting out of your own way is an art.

Through that practice, I learned to trust my information and wisdom. I’ll also tell you that I’m not 100% percent correct. I don’t claim to be a fortune teller. I don’t claim to know all the answers. I’d say more, so maybe a 95% accuracy rate, but that’s not important to me. What’s important is that there is an evoked change and that the person changes: I see it, I feel it, and they’re lighter when they leave my sessions.

Where is God in all of this? Are you calling on the creator, angels, or combination to do your work? Are you just referring to it as the universe or energy? How does God work into this?

My roots are Jewish. Whatever religion anybody is, it’s fine. Any of those words you want to use is completely acceptable. A lot of people do actually resonate with one word more than the other, so I want to refrain from offending anybody by using any particular word.

I often use the word higher self. We all have a higher guidance center. One way to think about this is there’s a part of you that knows, or you could think about yourself one year from now. 

To connect to your future self I may say, take your eyes to the right because that’s the future in NLP, neurolinguistic reprogramming.

What does your future person say about this? We can then ask for advice from our future selves, i.e., “what does she say about you staying in this relationship?”

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

You mentioned earlier that you had your daughter at age 47. How did that come about? That’s pretty unusual.

She was a work in the making. The first step is that I had to accept the fact that I would probably always be single for the rest of my life. Turning 40 and having the relationships I had had.

It felt like death at first, and then I came to acceptance because I started to realize I was good at something. I was good at doing my work, and I realized maybe this life wasn’t all about me. I started to put my attention outward and help people. That gave me a great sense of purpose. 

Then the man came in, the possibility came in, and then I spent the next couple of years on a quest to heal whatever it was that would make me the best mother possible and bring in the highest light of a child.

Also, I led this one workshop at Burning Man a few times called Calling In Your Child. It’s like applying for a job, where you put forth your resume and say, this is what I got. On the positive, I’m extremely empathetic, loving, and caring. But on the downside, I have my own life. I’m less of a playground mom than maybe I would have been if I was younger, and I probably won’t make it around much past your wedding.

I was like, “Choose me if it feels like a good fit.” I felt her connect as soon as I put that out there. 

The last year was about clearing any last blocks, specifically around my free will and my freedom of expression. My ability to play and have fun- I lost it somewhere along the road, in my childhood, after being hurt so many times as a child. And I needed to reclaim that.

As soon as I did, I saw the energy of this laughing, fun, giggly blond girl all around me. Then she came in. A Gemini, non-stop, talkative, and full of expression. If anybody knows anything about astrology, my North node is her South node, and her South node is my North node. So maybe this journey was really about actually bringing her in.

Limiting beliefs prevent us from achieving our dreams and goals, but we have the power to overcome them.

That was the cherry on top of what I needed to heal and resolve within my life. From there, it’s all about giving back. 

The concept of communicating with your not-yet-born or even maybe conceived baby might be pretty out there for some of our listeners. What do you tell them if they’re feeling uncomfortable? Is this even something that is allowed by my religion? Is it too esoteric or occult? What do you tell them?

First of all, once again, if you’re doubting anything I’m saying, I was there too. I got you. Having a child is like calling in your soulmate. By the way, it’s the same for a pet too. Choosing your dog or cat is also like calling in your soulmate.

Surrender to a higher power to guide you and your abilities.

I believe that we all want to get to that point where we’re in acceptance and alignment, so that when we take that last breath of life we’re in peace and resonance with the life we have lived. 

Whatever predicament you are in right now, you still have choice as to how you wish to live the rest of your life. Do you want to live in fear? Do you want to live in scarcity?

When you can identify and deal with your past trauma and limiting beliefs, you can choose how you want to live.

Do you believe in multiple timelines and that things are pretty much preordained on the timeline that we’re on, but we can choose different timelines?

I didn’t until I started studying astrology. Now that I’m studying astrology, whenever there’s a major mishap, I look at the astrological chart, to see how the signifiers were already there. Even though it may be written into the astrological chart, we still have free will. 

Even when I’m doing readings, I’m looking at the energy of love or whatever it is, and I’m seeing the most likely outcome. At the same time, you still have a choice. There’s still a possibility of you changing the outcome. Take whatever I say with a grain of salt. I’m not deciding your destiny for you.

When you talk to people, do you see into their future, or do you see into their soul?

I try not to.

What if they ask you, “Hey, can you tell me what’s in my future?” Are you able to just tap in an entity?

That’s not the best use of my gift. More so, I’d rather create a vision of where they want to go with them. And then look to see what’s getting in the way. And then my magic helps you clear those blocks, whether on the physical level, mental level, or any of those levels I talked about. 

Of course, women ask me all the time, “Are we going to get married? Am I going to find a partner?” I’ll maybe touch on those sorts of questions a little bit, yet it can also be a slippery slope.

The current pain we experience is rooted in three origins: childhood imprints, ancestral, and our past lives.

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I did have an astrologer who once told me about 10 years before I met my husband when I would find love, and it was the most devastating thing I have ever heard. 

My philosophy is to spend less time trying to predict the future and more time trying to create it.

Exactly. I’m not going to tell anybody they’re stepping into an awful future. People usually come to me when they have stuff to work on. I could work with that which then can alter not only the outcome, yet also the way they may feel on the inside.

What would be the most impactful or powerful exercise from your workbook that our listeners should know about?

My workbook starts with three belief change lessons. By the way, I also have a free YouTube video as well.

Ultimately, everybody’s got, ironically, five or six limiting beliefs that drive the course of their life. It may sound like, “I don’t belong, I’m not good enough. The ‘I’m not good enough’ is probably one of the main ones, especially with women.

But there are different flavors of that, just like there are many flavors of chocolate ice cream. We want to find the specific flavor of it for these exercises to really work. Once we find it, we then have to get to the root of it and heal it. I could do this for you. I do this in my work, but you could also do it!

It’s written out. You could read it or read it into an audio tape and learn how to heal and find that. Limiting beliefs are one of those things that you want to hit so many times. If anybody says, “I have the one technique that will help you heal,” never believe that.

In my practice, I have about 20 different versions of how I help people with their limiting beliefs. People are victims of habits. We go back to the same habit and then it's always helpful to hit it again from another angle or perspective. 

I’ll share a couple of other exercises such as cutting cords. I have a YouTube video for that. Boundaries, and how to find Your Blissful Calling, and then body and being, which is connecting body and spirit. Anybody with chronic pain has a body/being incongruence. Anybody who doesn’t want to be in their physical body, at the root of that is usually trauma.

It doesn’t have to be one trauma like in the case of me. I was never abused or any of that stuff. But when it’s uncomfortable to be in your body, and you’re five years old, then that’s where you’re going to have a split. The split is called a disassociation. This is one of the reflexive ways that the body keeps itself safe.

We disassociate. Mom and Dad are yelling. If dad hits mom, then, of course, we want to leave our physical body, and that becomes ingrained in our coping mechanisms. Ironically, this isn’t in my workbook, but this is another side topic: we all have about five or six main coping mechanisms or defense mechanisms.

At the root, it stems from our limiting beliefs and how we cope. Most of us are still doing that to this day as adults. We have maybe more mature circumstances going on that are pushing that trigger button, but the same limiting belief and defense or reaction pattern may occur. Like passive-aggressive, you’re doing that again, or I’m out of here, whatever way we cope.

Then, the universe shines back on us in the same circumstances. We start attracting that same unavailable man, that same man that treats you like crap, the same job that overworks you. The same way you’re living this life, the burdens, the upheaval, and all the things you’re dealing with every day just won’t stop. So we got to pluck it from the root.

You can change it anywhere along the line. You can change your defense mechanisms. I can’t change the circumstances or what happened in your childhood, but I can help you to change your memory of it, and the outcome because of it, the cellular outcome, the things we’re passing on to our children.

Not only that, but we’re also passing on this information laterally. That means nieces, nephews, friends, community, we’re passing on the vibration of what we’re going through. 

One of the core messages I want to leave the audience with is that you could get there. Everybody has the powers within to shift whatever predicament they grew up with. However bad their life is, you could shift it. I recommend addressing it from the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Yeah. I know we’re out of time, but if our listeners want to learn more from you, work with you, or attend some of your retreats or workshops, what’s the best next step for them?

Great. My website is sharaogin.com, and my book is on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Awesome. Thank you, Shara. Thank you, listener. I appreciate you guys, my community, and my listeners so much for having an open mind and heart and being willing to suspend the disbelief. We’ll catch up with you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.