Are any of you feeling some sort of antsiness…some sort of internal disharmony or lack of content? This may be due to the days getting longer and our desire to get out of the house more and connect with people face to face!

Yet more-so, we as a collective are ready to be filled up with something deeper…richer…and more satiating! Be it in our jobs, our relationships, and our lives in general.

So many of us right now are on a journey to find it!

Does this resonate at all with where you are at? If not, I’m sure you know many people around you who are having this experience.

I believe each of our souls enters our bodies, bringing with it a unique and individuated purpose and perspective. As we enter our late thirties and forties or perhaps even fifties, many of us may find we are spending a good deal of our lives searching for it. We may find ourselves working at a job that is unfulfilling or having a relationship where our basic needs are not being met.

(Please enjoy this video on Life Purpose & the Messages of the Body)

Crazy as it sounds, I believe our unique purpose lays hidden deep in the shadows of life's greatest hurdles and darkest themes. After all, These were in fact the lessons or focus areas that the All-Mighty choose for us to research and improve upon in this lifetime. 

Some of the lessons may include healing suppressed anger, finding the strength to rise up against the oppression of men, feeling that we matter, feeling "worthy," and feeling beautiful etc. 

 The good news is that once we learn the lessons and heal the wounds, then they no longer remain a cog in the wheel of our life and we can synchronistically stop attracting the circumstances and situations that are a match to them. And, even better, these learned lessons are the very things that will propel you full throttle toward your intended destiny. What might that be? What is your higher calling?

Perhaps your purpose is to help others to reclaim their voice and feel beautiful on the inside. Perhaps you are meant to be an advocate for animal rights and feel guided to open an animal foster home. Or perhaps you are a human rights activist for topics such as girls who are entrapped into sexual slavery, and it was your experience of growing up in an abusive home and being mistreated and disregarded by your father that fueled the fire that now burns viciously inside of you around these issues. And your peace of mind will only be found once you take action.

Take a moment now and reflect, if the wounds of my life's greatest hurdles and struggles were healed, who then would I be? What might I be doing? How might it feel inside?

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Inherently, we don't want to sit on the couch day after day and let life pass us by.

We want to live it! We want life to use us in the way in which we were truly meant to be used, where our light is able to magnify and radiate the strongest.

When we start to use ourselves in this way, we reciprocally become sourced in a complementary fashion with more power, more light, and more fuel, and in such an interplay, we all win.

When we truly are in flow with the ebb and flow of our abilities and gifts, this will holographically spread throughout our body, affecting things such as our muscular coordination, our balance, our health, and our longevity. As your internal landscape changes, it impacts all areas of your life.

You become less worried about what others think of you and more focused on the impact you are making in the collective consciousness of the whole. You do things less out of obligation and responsibility and more out of sheer will and desire. 

When you are in the flow, you will have more energy and more enthusiasm. You will smile more, laugh more, and you will see more. You'll feel good about how you use your time. You'll amaze yourself by sleeping deeper and more peacefully yet requiring much fewer hours of sleep. Your body will feel more ignited and turned on. You'll attract higher vibrational opportunities and people your way. And your capacity to love and see the good in people will expand.

We are all on a mission to find our ‟joie de vivre" (‟joy of life") and you are cheating all of us here on this planet by not fully potentiating and sharing it for the greater good.

You have been given the opportunity to make a unique and individual contribution to this planet and to humanity and what if I told you that NOW was the time to find it and live it fully!

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