Shara Ogin works as an Intuitive Coach, combining the magic of Psychic Readings + Coaching.


Her background stems from working 25 years in the medical field as an Occupational Therapist & Ergonomist. Yet in 2011 she entered into a 4 year Clairvoyant training, solely to heal her own inner wounding and pain.


And this amazing thing happened.  As her own inner wounds and beliefs started to heal, not only did she begin to manifest EVERYTHING she truly wanted in life, but the developed the ability to "see" precisely what was standing in the way of other people having what they wanted. 


Shara believes, most people have mini traumas locked away in their body at a cellular level. When we remove these old “stories” and traumas, everything can shift in a person’s life!


The more people Shara "read" and worked with, the faster her abilities grew to remove such blocks and set people on their way towards living their soul's truth and intention.


Shara wrote a book + workbook last year titled “Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom; Accessing Your Healing Power from Within” where she outlines 150 diagnoses, root causes, and holistic solutions (from a mind-body perspective). 


I gave birth to a beautiful little girl 1 month before my 47th birthday. She has deeply impacted my life and taught me how to open a new portal into my heart, one filled with compassion and maternal love.