Affiliate Program for Shara Ogin

Shara’s online courses, retreats, trainings, and 1:1 coaching and healing sessions are all developed with the mission to help people to break through that which stands in the way of them being their highest and best selves; to help them to soar through life with grace and ease.


We created an affiliate program as a win-win opportunity for you and your community.  You win by having an opportunity to earn generous affiliate commissions when you refer people to what we have to offer. We win by having the opportunity to serve your folks, people who we may not otherwise have reached. And the people you refer win by getting the training and programs we provide so they can achieve their business and personal dreams and goals.


What You Get As Our Affiliate Partner

  • You earn 10% commission on sales you refer to our qualifying products and programs or 20% in trade value. In addition, you get a commission on any purchase made within 60 days from that same customer.
  • For every 3.5K you do in sales, i will offer you either a FREE reading ($250 value) or an additional $150 off my programs.
  • Shara will provide free pre-written promotional materials that you can use right away and a suggested timeline for posting.


How do I Get Paid?

  • I will PayPal or Venmo you within 30 days after the initial payment from them is received. 

The reason why you don’t have what you want right now in your life is because you are resonating at the frequency of that which you are attracting into your life rather than at the frequency of your highest self.