Intuitive Coaching Life Transformation Program- 3-mo, 6-mo, 1-yr

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All Programs include:
* Shara's Authored Book + Workbook (print copy) - "Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom, Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within” -($30 value)
Text/email/phone support between sessions as needed ($500 value)
Free access to all of Shara’s live single classes ($100 value)
1-weekend retreat at $75 off ($150 off 6-mo program, $300 off 1-yr program)
Free pre-coaching consultation to go through the menu of session options and choose the ones that are the most priority for you. This way you will have a program customed to you and your personalized needs. This will be a collaborative process!


Sessions are on average 90 minutes, yet some may range up to 2 hrs.
* 50%-70% of the sessions will be picked from this list of session options & about half will be more focused on psychic/karmic clearing. Clearing the roots of the patterns that are present and repeating for you to this very day!
We will begin the program with either the Growth Cycle reading or the belief change/inner child healing session.

The 3-mo program includes:
Includes 11 sessions + Bonus 12th session if paid in full
* Opportunity to spread the sessions over a 4-month period of time

The 6-mo program includes all of the above plus:
* 22 sessions + 24 if paid in full (or with post-dated checks)
* Opportunity to spread the sessions over 7 months
* Invitation to all of Shara's group program
* 1 FREE 30-minute session to gift to a friend or family member
* Up to 5 sessions can be family coaching (i.e. with a partner or family member or dating companion)
* Access to either of Shara's Online Programs (self-paced approximately 12 modules each), The Body Healing Program or the Intuitive Training Program.

The 1-Yr Ultimate LIFE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM INCLUDES all the above plus:
* 1 yr of sessions
* 2 FREE 60 min sessions to gift to a good friend or family member
* Up to 12 sessions can be family coaching
* Free timeless access to both Shara's Online Programs (self-paced approximately 12 modules each), The Body Healing Program, and the Intuitive Training Program.


I took out the pricing options as I do have corporate rates vs low-income or student rates to be fair.

While a majority of my clients are executive or corporate level, I occasionally have clients just starting in the workforce, and I want to make myself available to all in need. Younger clients must be "old souls," or have an innate wisdom for it to be a fit!

Please set up a call with Shara to discuss pricing options!