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Unlocking the Body's Wisdom Workbook (ebook)

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You DO have the healing powers within you!

This workbook is designed as a step-by-step guide to help you heal the roots of your emotional and physical pain, reprogram unhealthy patterns, and step into a life that expresses the fullness of who you are!

The exercises in this workbook include the following:

*How to change negative thoughts into the positive
*How to heal limiting beliefs/inner-child healing
*Parts integration
*How to improve your body image
*How to align your body & spirit
*A 10-step process to move through physical pain
*How to create healthy boundaries with others
*Cutting cords & calling back your energy
*How to release withheld emotional charge
*How to find your blissful calling & step into your purpose & passion
*Walking your path visualization

This workbook accompanies my book, Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom: Accessing the Healing Powers Within You.

This is a great resource for coaches, healers, or those who wish to rise to the next level of their growth potential.